Tenant Management

As an investment property owner, you want to earn income on the side without turning your investment into a full-time job. That’s where a quality property management real estate company like Coakley Property Management comes in.

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Our Tenant Management Services

When you choose us for your tenant management needs, you can expect us to perform the following services:

  • Find qualified tenants: Many factors play a role in determining whether a tenant is qualified or not. Verifiable income, work status, rental history, and credit reports are just a few of these factors. Let us handle establishing the guidelines for finding qualified tenants so you can retain the best renters possible and decrease your turnover rate.
  • Market your property: You can’t fill a vacant property if no one knows about it, but marketing can be expensive. Since we include marketing as part of our service package, you don’t have to bear this extra burden.
  • Draft and enforce a lease: The basics of a lease—how long it will last, the different parties involved and what utilities each party pays—are easy to establish. It’s the finer details that tend to trip up investment property owners. We draft a lease for your approval and enforce the rules among your tenants once it takes effect.
  • Collect rent: The monthly income you receive from your tenants is the primary reason you got into investment property real estate in the first place. Don’t let tenant collections burden you on the first of every month. Instead, collaborate with us to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  • Balance all finances: Rent collection is just one aspect of your financial obligations. You also need to work on budgeting, rent rolls, monthly reporting, financial statement management, balance sheets, and direct deposit. We simplify all of these obligations and make it easy to keep track of your finances as an investment property owner.
  • Perform property checks: Part of your lease should include property inspections with 24-hour notice. This helps you keep an eye on the property and ensures your tenants aren’t trashing the place. Instead of conducting property checks yourself, let us handle it for you.
  • Schedule repairs and maintenance: Keeping your property in top condition is an ongoing chore. Regular wear and tear demands that appliances, windows, doors, flooring, and more receive attention after each new tenant starts renting from you. Then there are the rare occasions when a tenant deliberately sabotages the property. Either way, you don’t want to be left to clean up after other people. Hand the job of scheduling repairs and maintenance with qualified contractors over to us. We even handle 24-hour emergency property maintenance.

This is only the beginning of the high-quality services we offer. Thanks to our far-reaching expertise and experience in the field of commercial and residential property management in the DC metro area, we have established ourselves as one of the best companies in the business. If you’re interested in professional, reliable property management services from an experienced company, please contact us today.

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