Property Maintenance

If you own property in the DC metro area, you need a commercial property management company to help you with building upkeep. Property maintenance is critical for appealing to potential renters and remaining up to code. Whether you invest in single-family homes, apartment complexes, or other residential properties, here’s a look at the maintenance your buildings need to continue attracting tenants:

  • Annual preventative maintenance: Renters count on their furnace, air conditioner, and other appliances to work without issue. Annual maintenance visits help prevent problems before they start. These visits should include replacing the HVAC air filter, inspecting the heating and cooling equipment, flushing out the water heater, cleaning the dryer vent, and other tasks relevant to that particular property.
  • Renovations: From simple room repainting and carpet replacement to more involved construction projects, renovations can help you revitalize your property and attract new tenants. These tasks are important if you want to offer the types of properties new renters are interested in.
  • Repair work: If tenants complain of something wrong with the electrical, mechanical, or plumbing systems on your property, it doesn’t have to become a headache. Leave the task in the capable hands of your property maintenance company—we can schedule all your repairs with our trusted contractors. Repair work also includes things such as fixing cracked drywall, replacing damaged doors, repairing the roof, and fixing appliances.
  • Retrofits: There comes a time when your budget allows you to make much-needed retrofits and upgrades. If you’re looking to trade out your investment property’s old water heater, install central air conditioning, upgrade the furnace, or make other retrofits, leave the logistics to your property management company.
  • Outdoor maintenance: Mowing and fertilizing the grass, trimming foliage, fixing broken sprinkler heads, shoveling the walkways, power washing paved areas, caring for the pool, and performing other outdoor maintenance tasks fall to the property management company. We have outstanding connections in our area with maintenance companies that will provide reliable, professional work—you never have to worry about a thing. Outdoor maintenance is required year round and greatly affects the appearance of your property when potential new tenants drop by. Storm cleanup and debris removal are also important outdoor maintenance tasks for maintaining the curb appeal of your property.
  • Pest control: Whether it’s a termite problem that could compromise your property’s structural integrity or a rodent infestation that is bothering a tenant, don’t leave pest problems unresolved. Keeping on top of test control ensures your building remains stable and sanitary.
  • New tenant preparations: A vacant rental must be prepared before the new tenant arrives so it looks as new as possible. A property maintenance company schedules repairs and replacements and general cleanup tasks to ensure the rental is back to its original state. You can choose to withhold the vacating tenant’s security deposit if you determine that they didn’t leave the property in a respectable state.
  • Maintenance equipment inspection: Even maintenance equipment needs a little TLC from time to time. Part of property maintenance is ensuring the required tools are up to the task.

In addition to our property maintenance services, we also offer tenant management, real estate portfolio management, and financial reporting services. To get started with a leading property management company in the DC metro area, please contact Coakley Realty today.