Professional Landlord

Make your investment property in the DC metropolitan area a success—invest in a professional landlord from Coakley Property Management. Our highly experienced property managers can help you with all aspects of your investments, from the initial purchasing of the property through ongoing management and the sale of the property.

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Our Professional Landlord Services

A professional landlord from Coakley Realty will provide complete property management services, including:

We will take care of your property from start to finish, maximizing your return on investment. Contact us today to learn more!

Benefits of a Professional Landlord

There are many benefits to investing in a professional landlord and property manager from Coakley Realty:

  • Finding and retaining qualified tenants – we will evaluate tenants and only qualify the best possible people for your building.
  • Drafting a beneficial and binding lease – our experts have been drafting binding lease agreements for years and can create a contract that is beneficial to both you and your tenants.
  • Freeing up your time and making property investment easier– managing an investment property takes time and energy, and hiring a professional landlord can make your life a lot easier. We’ll handle all the responsibilities, from finding tenants and scheduling repairs to collecting rent and staying up-to-date with changing real estate laws.
  • Earning more money on your investment – at Coakley Realty, we know the DC Metropolitan real estate market inside and out, meaning we know how to make the most on your investment property. Our property management experts know the going rates for homes in this area and how to entice tenants to pay more.
  • Handling all the legalities and paperwork – our professional landlords are fully trained and experienced and know the ins and outs of local real estate and property management law. You’ll never have to worry about handling any paperwork, keeping track of records, or staying up-to-date with housing laws.

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If you want to maximize your earning potential on your investment property while also freeing up your time, contact the experts at Coakley Realty. Our professional landlords and property managers can help you effectively manage your property in the MD, VA, or DC area.

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